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Air Freight Sydney to Perth

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Considerations for Importing Goods into the United States

Importing to the U.S. isn’t as straightforward as clearing customs. Steps are required. Without a strategy, U.S. imports may be stranded in limbo. It’s important to know how and whether the object will move. More knowledge means better preparation. Importing is easy to botch. It’s important to obey rules and regulations, but it’s also important to do your study and make the right connections. Importing into the US?

Despite its import-friendly image, the US has severe quality and safety rules. Before importing, check U.S. limitations. When exporting from the US, know the regulations. Specific governments may limit or prohibit exports of certain goods. An exported religious artefact, for example. Same goes for rare or protected items.

Contact the Office of International Trade for restrictions (OIT). If the goods in issue are agricultural, the FSIS may give further information. A face-to-face contact before selling a product is usually sensible, but it’s more vital when the product is foreign. Schedule a meeting to find out whether the party in question has export experience or references.

All U.S. imports need a single-entry or continuous customs bond. Before deciding, your company should analyze both bonds. Continuous imports are better. If your company imports sporadically, a single-entry bond should enough. A product on this list almost likely requires import rights. Check whether licenses and permissions need further paperwork. In addition to what we’ve provided, attend training and seminars. The government may aid in international trade.

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