Air Freight Sydney to Perth

Air Freight Sydney to Perth

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Exporting goods by air freight to the United States

Air freight is a good option for shipping the products mentioned. Air freight is a handy option to export to the US, but be careful of the stringent security precautions. Customs and Border Patrol inspects every airborne goods piece-by-piece. Before being loaded into an aircraft bound for the U.S., each carton, box, or item must be machine or manually inspected.

Freight is “piece-level inspected” before being put into ULDs or pallets. International guidelines guide the Known Consignor Scheme. Known consignors must protect their export air cargo from the point of origin until it reaches a regulated firm.

Each company must adopt its own security processes under Known Consignor. This is an useful signal since exporters function in many circumstances. Research your product category. Investigate product-category tariffs and taxes.

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